INVISTA presents 2016 Intimate Apparel and Swimwear Trends

INVISTA takes centre-stage for product innovation in the intimates and swimwear sectors, embracing research & development right through to consumer behaviour analysis to offer specific solutions and stay ahead of demand. The new INVISTA 2016 Trends guide details developments in shapes, fabrics, colours and textile innovations with finished products to illustrate each theme and also bringing functional added value to designers by presenting innovative leads with the company’s latest developments such as LYCRA® BEAUTY and LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™.

Fearless and Fabulous


Opulence with a sharp edge for brands with a focus on sensuality, with the LYCRA® BEAUTY fibre allowing for carefully controlled shaping. Materials with nocturnal surface aspects that show glints and flashes of metal and gold, elaborately ornamented fabrics with jet beads, crystals and sequins in satin sheens and matt plains. Heavy laces, laser-cut techniques and raw mesh create innovative openwork.

Smart and Stimulating


Engage all the senses to stimulate an almost overwhelming sense of well being. Performance and smart textiles manage body temperature and moisturise skin, with fabrics ranging from diaphanous to neoprene, support and contour. By merging science and design, beautiful solutions are provided to enhance the heightened interest in tactile and sensorial stimuli, and the dynamic TACTEL® fibre creates garments that are soft, smooth, breathable and lightweight.

Pieces of Art


Craftsmanship and tradition meets cutting-edge modernity with Chantilly lace, translucent veils and precious tulles, technology wrapped in luxurious silk-touch and tech-fabrics with patterns that resemble works of art. To match these tradition-inspired looks with contemporary styles, the COOLMAX® fabric contributes by moving perspiration away from the body, providing comfort to the wearer.

Sculpturing Quality


With emphasis on fitness, well-being and mind-body strength to fuel their hectic lives, women exude a positive ‘alpha’ spirit.  LYCRA® SPORT fibres combine stretch technology and performance requirements, delivering freedom of movement, bi-directional stretch, comfort and long-lasting fit to withstand the daily 24/7 pressure of an active lifestyle. Body embracing fabrics with high compression create massaging effects while maintaining comforting coolness.

Modernism Meets Sport


Decorative with clashing colours, geometric bold shapes and loud pattern mixes, a clear connection is made between the retro and futuristic. Sporty plains with graphic textures and surfaces benefit from performance features such as fit retention whilst the LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre provides up to 10 times more resistance to chlorinated pool water, perspiration and oils. Garments are finished with contrasting and geometric trims, pipings and inserts as well as rubber and 3D printed accessories.

Afro Future


Lavish tropical designs, placed ikebana and African wax prints inspire new patterns, all with an authentic and cultural character. Traditional patterns join modern day, fresh interpretations produced using digital printing technology, resulting in a rich combination of organic and digital aesthetics.

Illusion Wear


Fabrics can manipulate perspective and scale with optical 2D and 3D illusions of reflection, light and illusionary layers. Two categories of swimwear fabrics with LYCRA® BEAUTY fibre help brands choose attributes that are designed to meet specific needs: Firm, for beautifully slimming suits with comfort in motion or Extra Firm, for garments needing a high degree of recovery power for specialized shaping designs.

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