Better made in Britain: Unibu


Unibu, the high quality men’s and women’s underwear brand, launched by independent lingerie shopkeeper, Shirley C in Windermere, is being rolled out for wholesale.

The everyday collection of 5 women’s styles and 2 men’s styles are made with UK-woven jersey cotton and Lycra®. Shirley Crisp who has worked on bringing the brand to market for over 2 years commented: “I have always wanted to create my own underwear brand. Between 5 and 7 years ago, I definitely got the impression that ‘No, underwear manufacturing can’t happen in Britain!’. Between 3 and 5 years ago I was starting to get an inkling from talking to many manufacturers that, yes, manufacturing could come back to Britain and now I have introduced Unibu.”

Shirley has more than 8 years’ experience in retailing and further commented: “I’ve sold Unibu in my own store for the past year and it has gone down incredibly well. The public are just so pleased to see a British product… I believe it’s unique because it is 100% British (even the boxes!). The ‘Made in Britain’ label just says what it is: a mark of quality.”

Unibu has its own website where retailers can easily purchase Unibu products at wholesale prices, with guaranteed one-to-one customer focus or you can contact Shirley on 07548 698873.