creora® 2018 Swimwear Trends

Hyosung, the largest spandex producer in the world and owner of the creora® brand, reveals its key 2018 swimwear trends. Starting with Oceana, which takes inspiration from the ocean and its inhabitants to deliver performance swimwear featuring compact circular and warp knits, new microstructures to reduce drag and enhance glide and also offering superb longevity delivered by creora® highclo™ chlorine resistant elastane.


With lightweight, hydrophobic qualities featuring in the pro levels, there is interest in polypropylene with creora® ecosoft and fabrics are colour rich, moving away from the traditional black and injecting a streamlined and sylphlike inspiration in bases and prints.

Pin Up takes a look at the innocence of the past with a 1950s retro feel. The era of the hourglass figure is revamped through semi matte colours with a touch of glamour and creora® Power Fit is crucial to provide technology from the shapewear sector through to the swimwear sector. Geared towards the mature market on the shaping front, this direction can also be appealing to the younger end of the market that requires less compression.


As athleisure continues to grow in the activewear sector, it is only natural that this lifestyle trend will influence swimwear. Expect to see a surge in surf-inspired fabrics and styles, catering to a combination of faux surfers who just want the look and legitimate athletes who hit the high seas, both groups requiring differing levels of performance.


Utopia brings a relaxed faded mood with bright tones, aged a little as if from being too exposed to the elements. Recycled synthetics and natural fibres are featured and an additional aspect to the trend is the demand for related beachwear items on top of the more traditional swimwear styles.

Last but not least creora® presents Mischievous, where colour collides with a true textural appeal. Compact swimwear fabrics still feature, though are often enhanced by 3D printing for an optical appeal, whilst openwork, drop stitch and punch out on warp knits bring a new geometry to the beach.


creora® 2018 Intimate Apparel Trends

Hyosung, the largest spandex producer in the world and owner of the creora® brand, reveals its key points for intimate apparel in 2018. Starting with Picture Perfect, a trend that presents different degrees of optical effect, from a matte powdery touch and subtle iridescent through to semi-glimmer. Fabrics have an enhanced fit thanks to the use of creora® elastane and both natural and synthetic fibres can be used, ensuring a variety of effects from smooth and soft to metamorphic brilliance.

Creora 2018 Trends

Picture Perfect

On Revamped, creora® Power Fit is used to attain the ideal compression and bring shapewear to a new level. Matte yarns contrast with bright tri-lobal yarns within a fabric or through insertion at the garment stage, and additional value comes though the insertion of cosmetic or cooling yarns. There is an increased interest in cellulosic-based shapewear enhanced with creora® eco-soft (low heat settable spandex) and colour also plays a key role, with shades of blue, greys and pink tones becoming more popular.


A move away from traditional smooth fabrics to a more tactile and textural approach can be noticed on Unruly, which features ruffles, ripples, raised jacquards, erratic openwork effects and blistered surfaces alongside a more subtle offering of flat/fancy ribs, plisses and precise openwork. Innovative bi-coloured yarns create optical 3D fabrics, and plain knits are either embellished or printed for optical results.


Last but not least is Calibration, following the growing interest of the public on active intimate apparel that focuses on comfort, fit and support. Featuring from moisture management to cool touch, UV protection and thermal regulation, punch out, mock mesh, true mesh and modern pique all work alongside lightweight circular knits and power stretch warp knits. Fabrics range from soft natural touch to high power synthetics catering to yoga aficionados and professional athletes.


LYCRA® Fibre Moves: Innovations to shape the future of legwear

LYCRA® Fibre Moves 2016

INVISTA, owner of the LYCRA® fibre brand, revealed a number of innovations at the only global legwear conference in the world, held last week in Como (Italy). Professionals from right across the industry were treated to a series of talks and seminars on the future of the legwear industry and the consumer reality of hosiery today and tomorrow.

As part of its continuing commitment to sustainability via Planet Agenda, Rob Dewhurst of INVISTA presented the new LYCRA® AquaNRG technology which is designed to save 30% of water usage used during the dyeing process (currently 100-150 litres of water are used for 1 kilogramme of hose – that is a bottle of water for every 9 pairs of tights!). Dewhurst further elaborated that the reductions in water usage and also a reduction in energy for water heating/cooling could reduce the process time by 1-2 hours and of course reduce waste water. The process has been trialled and Dewhurst commented: “We are ready to work with our customers, 85% of whom have already indicated that they would favour a technology that reduces or even eliminates the scouring process, to validate these findings and scale up the technology. And of course, we are exploring the possibility of extending this new technology into other applications.”

LYCRA® Fibre Moves 2016

In product terms, INVISTA introduced two innovations: LYCRA® Super Summer Sheer technology and Compression for everyday. In an entertaining talk, Sybille Bald of INVISTA, commented: “This new Super Summer Sheer technology has been designed to create and highlight fresh perspectives on ultra sheer hosiery … designed to be worn during the warmer summer season, by delivering sheerness with lasting fit, barely felt hosiery and optimal durability our aim is to position it as the leading ‘Better than Bare’ offering.” The technology makes ample use of the finest ultrafine LYCRA® fibres (T777F) and anti-laddering FUSION™ technology.

The compression market is growing rapidly with increases of some 600% reported in the last four years, said Consuelo Banon and Sybille Bald of INVISTA, on the second day of the Conference. Based on research from over 4,390 consumers in North & South America and Europe, findings show that these increases are not accounted for by the medical need of wearers but more by performance and wellbeing/beauty concerns – that is, for everyday wear, tired legs and contouring the leg for a better visual appearance. The new fibre (T772F) offer interior compression with outer run-resistance and has to be used in every course to be part of the LYCRA® Energize programme.

LYCRA® Fibre Moves 2016

Rethinking fit was the concern with the 4th innovation – the LYCRA® FIT FINDER application which enables women to find hosiery that fits and feels comfortable. A new approach moving away from Size to Fit to Stretch-to-Fit. INVISTA with Select Research has created a trial app which is multimedia and has already been trialled in Poland with Ferax and in store (Gatta). It is a easy to use application designed for the ‘mobile’ generation and dovetails neatly into the ‘selfie’ and personalised consumer. The application is not fully commercial yet but its ease of use (tested by Underlines) should ensure that the app will engage consumers.

LYCRA® Fibre Moves 2016

Further speakers highlighted the UK as a still expanding market in 2015 whilst most other European markets were still declining. Of a total spend on fashion of 200 billion Euros a year, the UK was currently spending 43.8 billion (followed by Germany with 39.9 billion) on purchases including outerwear, legwear and lingerie and shoes. However in relation to hosiery and socks, Germans are the kings of Europe with more purchases than any other European country.

The conference also illuminated that the fastest growing sector of purchases is via mobile devices including particularly Smartphones (the top 5 markets for smartphones are China, USA, UK, Japan and South Korea and unsurprisingly perhaps these countries are the top players in e-commerce sales).

A full report on the Conference will appear in the next edition of Underlines Magazine.

SIL Trends in pictures: Garden of Dreams

After showcasing playful lingerie in a circus atmosphere, the ‘Garden of Dreams’ catwalk show at Salon International de la Lingerie illustrated the Sincerity trend, an invitation to meditation in a Japanese-style winter garden. This season calls for a new aesthetic, making the pursuit of serenity the focus of our daily lives. Romantic and traditional silhouettes are modernised by using extremely light materials, playing with sheerness like the veins of evanescent leaves, and the softness of the fabrics are reminiscent of stems in a warm cocoon.

SIL Trends in pictures: Vintage Circus

The unmissable trade event for the entire industry, Salon International de la Lingerie returned to Paris last weekend offering a preview of AW 2016/17 trends. For this edition, the atmosphere was built around two opposing inspirations: Sincerity, an invitation to meditation in a Japanese-style winter garden, and Distraction, which sees playful lingerie take centre stage with extravagant details.

‘Striptease’ silhouettes, golden stripes and stars inspired by the circus universe decorated colourful lingerie and nightwear. An abundance of frills, layered tulles and petticoats reveal a sophisticated silhouette for an alluring French cancan, with ostrich feathers, boas and fans mixed with large coloured graphic motifs.

The “Vintage Circus” catwalk show illustrated the Trends Forum DISTRACTIONS trend, where sexy and confident women sported frivolous lingerie in velvet, dotted swiss and flocked tulle.

Global Merino launch new technical textiles with creora®

Mini French Terry with creora ecosoft

Mini french terry with creora ecosoft

Merino wool technical textile specialists Global Merino Inc have created an innovative fabric set to be presented at ISPO in Germany. Recognised by ISPO Textrends as the winner in the base layer category and in the top 10 for second layer, Global Merino focuses on developing unique constructions to deliver solutions to customers’ performance requirements.

“At the upcoming OR and ISPO shows we are promoting our triple plaited construction using a combination of merino wool, polyester and creora® eco-soft to give consumers the best of warmth, comfort, fit, and movement,” says Jose Fernandez, CEO of Global Merino. “We are also focused on our new mini terry for 2nd layer warmth without weight plus freedom of movement for a multitude of applications such as running, skiing, hiking etc. We are using creora® eco-soft low heat set elastane to maintain the softness of the merino wool in fabric while delivering stretch and recovery for enhanced comfort and fit.”

Willy Hermann first to adopt LYCRA® BEAUTY Cooling Technology


The first commercial collection using the new LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology was developed by Austrian manufacturers Willy Hermann, Eurovet’s Designer of the Year 2016, and will be presented at Interfilière Paris in January. Launched last September, the COOLING technology by LYCRA® BEAUTY brand was designed in response to consumer needs for increased sophistication and shapewear comfort, after consumer research conducted by INVISTA indicated 69% of female consumers find moisture management in shapewear to be extremely or very important, with only 42% satisfied.

“To ensure we bring our customers the latest in intimate apparel, we collaborate with LYCRA® for our fabric innovations. Therefore we are very happy to be the 1st ever mill to have LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology certified fabrics commercially available in Europe. Depending on the customer need, the offering reaches from lightweight to heavier fabrics – but of course all with long-lasting shaping performance and moisture management”, says Ralph Hermann, Managing Director Willy Hermann GmbH.