LYCRA® Fibre in starring role at Mare di Moda

The 2015 edition of Mare di Moda will highlight the strong bond between Italy’s textile producers and LYCRA® fibre, a logical choice for beachwear, sportswear and intimates. LYCRA® will be displaying the 2017 swim collections developed with European weaving and knitting mills exhibiting at the show. Eurojersey (Sensitive®), Brugnoli, Carvico, Billon Design, Penn, Maglificio Ripa, Piave Maitex, Tessitura Taina, Wegal & Tricotel and MG2 Creation are just some of the leading fabric houses who will present beautiful fabrics in LYCRA® specialities such as LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™, LYCRA® SPORT and LYCRA® BEAUTY.


Eurojersey’s fabrics offering a collection of prints and patterns combined with single colours, emphasising the potential of the brand’s entire range of colourfast, 100% Made in Italy technical fabrics with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™

Ripa Splash J3290

Ripa Splash J3290

Debuting at Cannes, the new fabric featured above, is designed for applications in the beachwear sector with 25% composed of LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™, with superior resistance to harmful effects of water, heat and suncare products.

MG2 Creation

MG2 Creation

French specialist in wovens, MG2 Creation, have new two-way stretch with  LYCRA® and honed visual effects in discreet second skin fabrics. There are tiny woven and jacquard motifs and raised patterns and blocks.

Gottex and Lululemon Athletica to receive MarediModa Award

Gottex and Lululemon Athletica, renowed as an example of advanced marketing, are the winners of the MarediModa Creative Excellence Award 2015. The awards ceremony will take place during the 14th edition of MarediModa this November at the Palais Des Festivals in Cannes.


Gottex, now designed by Keren Gasner, was founded in Tel Aviv in 1956 and has gained a top position in the market thanks to the use of innovative fabrics, iconic style and uniqueness of its high definition prints.


Canadian company Lululemon Athletica was founded in 1998 by the intuition of Mr. Chip Wilson, starting with the niche market of yoga-wear and revolutionizing the industry to become a market leader. The label’s flagship stores are third in the US average sale ranking per sqm, after Apple and Tiffany & Co.

Eurojersey launches SS17 Swimwear collection at MarediModa

The Sensitive® Fabrics Summer 2017 Swimwear Collection was influenced by the Earth’s colours as seen from space, with its thousands vibrations and different shades. The most advanced printing techniques are used such as the innovative Eco-Print which reproduces tone-on-tone effects and contrasts using a pigment to create the design on the fabric, and 3D printing to add textures and weaves.

Space Earth

The Earth is captured by cool colours of blue and turquoise, reminiscent of the iridescent sea surface and the horizon, with textures faithfully reproduced through the use of 3D printing. Available in Sensitive® Fit, Sensitive® Life, Sensitive® Sculpt with its natural shaping performance and Sensitive® Seric and Sensitive® Sheer, which are flashy and precious due to their silky, bright, iridescent appearance.



Reminiscent of a wave foam crashing on the beach and grasping the calming deep blue, with watercolour shades, stippled and tie-dye effects. The active and dynamic sport performance, is fast and adrenaline-filled. Tenacious, dynamic and strong, the performance is adrenaline-filled with Sensitive® Classic.



Earth signs the land with square crops, well-defined rural features and unconventional tribal patterns, in a new ethnic scenario coloured by the Northern Lights blending shades of green and pink. Animal prints, tattoo patterns and primitive features appear in brown amber, fiery reddish and green in a sensory softness created by Sensitive® Plus.



Aloe emphasises the healing of colour and its relaxing and enveloping atmosphere, focusing on movement, physical well-being, functionality and energy. The high performing fabrics Sensitive® Fit, Sensitive® Life, Sensitive® Sculpt Light match the pierced Bonded inserts well, and a new Green Aloe colour is added to the Sensitive® Classic Colour Therapy chart.



The Gardening theme shows the Planet at the centre of an increased awareness, as suggested by the many insights arising from EXPO 2015. Flowers and fruit explode in all their wonder and splendour, photographic prints with sweet and sparkling energy feed the game, astonishing and surprising the younger generation. The universe of colours is readily replicated by the endless palette of Sensitive® Classic, ready for any creative mix.


MarediModa 2017 Swim & Lingerie Trends

The fourteenth edition of MarediModa will take place on November but a preview of the Summer 2017 trends to be displayed at the show can be seen now. Compiled in collaboration with WGSN, IED and David Shah, the six underwear and beachwear trends are Escape, Sense, Bio Luminary, Flourish, Future Retro and Idols.

Escape (beachwear)


Inspired by rural island living, this trend focuses on a scene of lush jungle greens and vivid brights. Materials & prints borrow inspiration from different indigenous tribes, coming back refreshed and revived, whilst the raw unfinished textures are inspired by nature’s wild side. Natural materials are paired with essential design and craft is highlighted let the beauty of the handmade shine.

Sense (beachwear)

Sense 2

The quest for wellbeing is on the rise together with the desire to disconnect. This key direction is introducing the notion of sense and sensitivity, looking to the body as a source of inspiration from movement and physical form through to how the body feels, wants and connects. Materials are designed to work with the body creating a perfect blend with sheer lightweight and nude tones.

Bio Luminary (beachwear)


Light shapes immaterial forms and changes the way we experience them. Looking towards nature and particularly the sea, diving deep into a mysterious place that continues to offer untapped inspiration, iridescent surfaces and light reflective materials drive this trend coupled with a colour palette filled with high and low contrasts.

Flourish (beachwear)


Delicate and refined, this trend re-introduces the notion of softness, femininity and romance with a strong focus on botanicals. Floral patterns are at the heart of design, interweaved with jacquards, lace and ultra lightweight sheer layers that drape around the body like clouds. The gentle aspect is not only conveyed with colour and pattern but also with ultra soft finishes.

Future Retro (underwear)


The nostalgia of the 70s will continue to grow until it reaches its peak by the Spring/Summer 2017 season. The trend pays tribute to the happy and energetic side of the 70s where future design was an obsession, modernity is key and geometry is essential. The naïve and playful aspect is transformed with a bold colour palette that serves best the optical weaves and textured surfaces.

Idols (underwear)


Anchored in the spirit of Rock, this trend is progressive and sexy with black at its heart. Focusing on all things sexy and feminine such as lace, embroidery, mesh, high stretch satin and glamorous chiffon, a bold and highly architectural silhouette with optical and geometrical lace patterns is key for this trend.

Maredimoda previews Summer 2016


The thirteenth edition of Maredimoda, the international trade fair dedicated to lingerie and beachwear textiles and accessories, will be held on November 11-13 at Palais Des Festivals in Cannes, where over a hundred European companies will display their 2016 Summer collections. The show focuses on offering a qualified Euro-Mediterranean alternative to the more exotic and quite often less reliable productions, bringing the production back to Europe.

“Based on their quite negative or at least no longer profitable experiences, more and more medium and large-sized companies in the beachwear and underwear sectors have decided to go back to buy European textiles and if needed, they are having their garments made in Northern Africa or Eastern Europe. Our main objective has always consisted in educating our customers to make a quality, ethical and responsible choice. By now, stores all over the world are full of valueless imported products, made in unthinkable conditions. Today indeed mass-production has caused a market saturation with any kind of low-cost products whose value we do not even understand,” says Marco Borioli, President of Maredimoda.

“Our mission is clear and known,” Borioli continues, “We shall go on protecting, enhancing and promoting the European quality which, more and more, is standing out as an absolute value inside an ordinary and standardized universe.”

MarediModa Cannes Trends Preview

It is almost too good to be true; finally, optimism and energy have returned and we can toast the return of positivity and colour. Designers and consumers are feeling the desire for indulgence and outlandish celebratory behaviour, a general relaxation of the rules. Here are the Spring/Summer 2016 trends by David Shah and the View Team to be presented at the MarediModa in Cannes – let the party begin!



This is a celebration of Africa with all its diversity, extremes and contradictions, mixing things that have never been mixed before – organic, man-made, natural and digital. Fabrics are juxtaposed and embellishment is spectacular with appliqués, fringes and macramé work on digital prints and embroidered cloth, while the colours have the sensory rush of a tropical rain forest picturing vegetation shades with flashes of acid and tropical birds. Focus on on ethnic, tribal, animal, hip-hop and punk influences, all colourfully bashed together.



This is a celebration of op art, where optical illusions trick the eye bringing sophisticated glamour and opulence to simply designed outfits. Fabrics work as a chic ground for expressing graphic patterns, such as silky satins and brocades, and colours exalt the modern with acid brights and flashes of silver being used for the optical designs.



This is a celebration of humour and kitsch designs from the 80s, turning to pattern and colour for a sporty, energetic and young take on swimwear. Performance enhancing fabrics like neoprene are combined with compression panels, tech finishes and plastic sheen, featuring chlorine-resistant and UV protective properties.


BRUTAL GLAM (Swimwear)

This is a celebration of dystopia – a world of dark, fierce and severe cosmic goddesses, who stand proud and protected in their techno armour. Sensuality is there and so are beauty, strength and energy, but the apocalyptic future calls for rectitude displayed in the form of futuristic outfits in black monochrome or dark, nocturnal shades. Armoured looks are inspired by animal (elephant) and reptile skins or by beaten metal, and latex, leather, rubber, rings, zips and studs are used. Glued and laser cut seams give a modern, highly engineered feel to garments that are so fitted they appear to have been cast directly onto the body.



This is a celebration of romanticism and aesthetic pleasure based on the Bloomsbury Set, who, in the early 20th century, believed in the importance of the arts in creating a better society. Here, nature is celebrated as the pinnacle of intelligent design and colours are muted, restrained and in harmony with nature. Fabrics with a luxurious hand such as silk satins are used as the base for elegant, floral prints and jacquard designs, while modern finishing techniques produce fabrics with enamel-like or porcelain aspects.


SENSORY (Bodywear)

Empowered and intelligent, the modern women eschew weak, skinny and ultimately unhealthy female stereotypes to embrace a vision of fitness, wellbeing and mind-body strength. To rest the eyes, lingerie is clean, simple and visually understated with smooth, sensual fabrics that create a pleasurable sensation in wear and honour the perfect body’s curves. Fresh, clean whites with delicate cosmetic pale tones and cool pastel shades are used, and lingerie garments are reminiscent of the clean, flowing sculptural lines of modernist architecture.

MarediModa closes with a rise in visitors


The twelfth edition of MarediModa, held on November 5-7 at Palais Des Festivals in Cannes, has closed with a 3% rise in visitors. The highest number of visitors were from Italy, France, Spain and Germany, with an impressive increase in participation from the United States, Russia and Turkey which demonstrated the renewed interest by many big international groups in buying European fabrics.

“Today we are a worldwide benchmark for beachwear, underwear as well as swimwear: this is the result of work performed over the years, with the clear aim of attaining what the market would have expected from us; this was also a reaction to a mass production of cheap and poor garments which we cannot stand any longer and which has led many companies to buy from quality manufacturers from all over Europe” said Marco Borioli, President of MarediModa.


Other highlights from the show were the Forum on Innovation and the award ceremony of the The Link contest, won by Marina Dorofeeva of the Marangoni School for beachwear and Nikola Petrovic from Accademia del Lusso of Belgrade. The two winners will receive on-job training by Parah and Le Bonitas.