Sensitive® Fabrics present new SS17 Lingerie collection

The new Sensitive® Fabrics Spring/Summer 2017 collection interprets the female universe by blending together colours and shades, graphics and textures to create unique reproductions. Four trendy themes and moods are expressed by the most advanced printing techniques such as the innovative Eco Print and 3D printing.

Sensitive® Fabrics Spring/Summer 2017BREZZA ESTIVA

Swirls of joyful waves invite you to cultivate a new natural well being inspired by the air’s energy. Whiteness and lightness are combined with geometric reflections and pastel-coloured interplays, together with a strong sense of comfort from the cotton aspect that overlays the transparencies and romantic laces. Available on Sensitive® Plus and Sensitive® Touch fabrics, selected to highlight the effects of the white lacquer used in the Eco Print, and Sensitive® Sheer, with geometries and textures ranging among sea blues, whites and light touches of pastels.

Sensitive® Fabrics Spring/Summer 2017


The unexplored sea bed, among rare vegetation and fabulous living creatures that evoke pictures of mermaids and coral reefs, is the inspiration behind this collection. Nature explodes in fresh, luminous shades of pink and coral, balanced by vibrant, shiny pastels. Sensitive® Touch, Sensitive® Sheer and Sensitive® Seric Plus are emphasised thanks to the 3D techniques and pigment effects, reproducing traces of underwater surfaces and embellished by new laces, netting and polka dots.

Sensitive® Fabrics Spring/Summer 2017SAVANNAH

Spontaneous adventures in open spaces and unusual pathways bring images far from the urban centres. This collection represents a new return to nature and its fruits as part of a shared future world, prioritising rustic, rough materials and a new bold floral vision. From the warmer earth colours to the acid shades, Sensitive® Plus and Sensitive® Sheer add sophisticated textures and floral prints combined with elegant embroidery, antique lace and crochet. The new animal prints are unusual, real and bold.


The world moves and new habits are generated, creating different energetic lifestyles that require a new, modern elegance. High definition tribal geometric graphics and textures reminiscent of dyed in the yarn, coupled with edges and the all-over hand-crafted effect on the Sensitive® Plus, Sensitive® Touch, Sensitive® Sheer, Sensitive® Ultralight fabrics. Neutral tones with touches of bordeaux and agate contrast with shiny golden yellow hues.

Eurojersey launches SS17 Swimwear collection at MarediModa

The Sensitive® Fabrics Summer 2017 Swimwear Collection was influenced by the Earth’s colours as seen from space, with its thousands vibrations and different shades. The most advanced printing techniques are used such as the innovative Eco-Print which reproduces tone-on-tone effects and contrasts using a pigment to create the design on the fabric, and 3D printing to add textures and weaves.

Space Earth

The Earth is captured by cool colours of blue and turquoise, reminiscent of the iridescent sea surface and the horizon, with textures faithfully reproduced through the use of 3D printing. Available in Sensitive® Fit, Sensitive® Life, Sensitive® Sculpt with its natural shaping performance and Sensitive® Seric and Sensitive® Sheer, which are flashy and precious due to their silky, bright, iridescent appearance.



Reminiscent of a wave foam crashing on the beach and grasping the calming deep blue, with watercolour shades, stippled and tie-dye effects. The active and dynamic sport performance, is fast and adrenaline-filled. Tenacious, dynamic and strong, the performance is adrenaline-filled with Sensitive® Classic.



Earth signs the land with square crops, well-defined rural features and unconventional tribal patterns, in a new ethnic scenario coloured by the Northern Lights blending shades of green and pink. Animal prints, tattoo patterns and primitive features appear in brown amber, fiery reddish and green in a sensory softness created by Sensitive® Plus.



Aloe emphasises the healing of colour and its relaxing and enveloping atmosphere, focusing on movement, physical well-being, functionality and energy. The high performing fabrics Sensitive® Fit, Sensitive® Life, Sensitive® Sculpt Light match the pierced Bonded inserts well, and a new Green Aloe colour is added to the Sensitive® Classic Colour Therapy chart.



The Gardening theme shows the Planet at the centre of an increased awareness, as suggested by the many insights arising from EXPO 2015. Flowers and fruit explode in all their wonder and splendour, photographic prints with sweet and sparkling energy feed the game, astonishing and surprising the younger generation. The universe of colours is readily replicated by the endless palette of Sensitive® Classic, ready for any creative mix.


Lingerie trends: Eurojersey unveils AW16

For Autumn/Winter 2016/17, Eurojersey’s Sensitive® Fabrics puts the spotlight on the most advanced techniques such as 3D printing and EcoPrint technology. The Sensitive® Plus, Sensitive® Seric Plus, Sensitive® Touch, Sensitive® Sheer and Sensitive® Classic products are suitable for any lingerie item – the four trends presented below enhance the elegance, femininity and sensuality of these ethereal fabrics.

Flawless Romanticism

From architectural precision to rational elegance, the heritage from the past comes to life through the use of 3D printing with textures and graphic elements reproducing antique lace, embossed inlays and intangible reliefs. Contrasts and transparencies become ultra-sharp with the use of EcoPrint technology and colours are reminiscent of stuccowork, gypsum and dusty pastels. White reigns supreme alongside pale green, light blue and powder pink in faded hues.

Functional Elegance

A strong, schematic masculinity is interlaced with refined and delicate signs of femininity – the cotton-like texture overlaps with elaborate transparencies and graceful veils for an unusual contrast, as the cashmere and lace typical of lingerie is juxtaposed with more distinct textures. Colours are taken from industrial scenarios and metal hues joins earthy hints of ochre, bronze yellow, denim and mélange grey.

Winter Garden

Floral patterns and lacework are translated in sophisticated elegance, inspired by Art Nouveau, its greenery and luscious grandeur. Colours are borrowed from the botanical world with dark wild greens, bright pink, burgundy and blooming wisteria, whilst the abstract dimensions created by 3D printing strengthen the opposition between solid colours and lace prints, matt and silky shades.

New Eldorado

Inspired by cultures and traditions of the Baltic States, New Eldorado presents a world still relatively unknown, full of emotions and warmth. Fabrics are printed using EcoPrint technology faithfully reproducing every detail, borders and reliefs create stunning visual effects alongside lace and graphic elements that replicates different textures. The key colour green is joined by burgundy and copper, in a silky, reflective sheen.


Eurojersey elected designer of the year


This July, Interfilière Paris and Paris Capitale de la Création will honour Italian company Eurojersey, leader of the textile industry for the production of patented warp knit Sensitive® Fabrics, with the Beachwear Designer of the Year title. Since its creation in 1960, Eurojersey has remained ahead due to continuous innovation, quality and sustainable production with the SensitivEcoSystem® project, the result of investment in ethical technologies and optimized production processes aiming to save resources.

Developped in 1989, Sensitive® Fabrics are lightweight, breathable and versatile with unique technical features that translate the most modern trends – the latest application techniques include contouring, laser cutting and flocking. Eurojersey is also a print trendsetter with innovations such as the Ecoprint technology, offering embossed effects and 3D printing.

Sensitive® Fabrics present Summer 2016 Lingerie trends

There are three universes identified as inspiration by the Euojersey Creative Department looking forward into the Spring/Summer 2016 lingerie trends. Inspirations that sweep along the Atlantic Coast and its natural colours, sensations that translate into a mix of geometric patterns, prints and colours intertwining and melting into one another.


A theme celebrating a turn to simplicity, in both understanding reality that appears neater and immediate and its representation on fabric. Imagination that recalls the Atlantic Coasts, with azures, blues and whites, side by side with romantic laces and pure water-like transparencies.

Geometric, abstract patterns handmade on a chromatic palette that ranges from bright to soft pastel colours, creating an atmosphere of summer light on the Sensitive® Sheer, Sensitive® Plus and Sensitive® Touch fabrics.


A theme that represents a desire to find your equilibrium again, concentrate on your inner being, contrasting the hectic reality that moves too fast. The esoteric, relaxing power of stone therapy and minerals, like fruits hidden in the earth, are the inspiration for this new age theme, neater, healthier, and more human.

Iridescent hues of mother-of-pearl, greys, whites and pearly azures are combined side by side with anomalies inserts and small floral motifs brought to life by 3D precision printing.


A meandering voyage on the Orient Express in the 1930s, among the mysterious lands of India, meeting ethnic peoples and discovering locally made valuable materials. Reproductions of cashmere patterns, micro-geometric designs, precious stones and Chinese porcelains enhance the Sensitive® Sheer, Sensitive® Seric Plus and Sensitive® Touch fabrics.

The tones range from blues in all their shades, warm colours like yellow, violet, green and orange mixed like spices, with hues of brown to soften a vibrant atmosphere.

EUROJERSEY presents Sensitive® b.Feel


The extensive offer from Sensitive® Fabrics is now joined by new Sensitive® b.Feel, the seductive fabric with a double feeling. Sheer and elegant on one side, soft and embracing on the other, Sensitive® b.Feel makes comfort sensual and sensuality pleasant to wear. Uniquely versatile with 31% LYCRA® fibre, it is the most suitable fabric for raw cut hems, and its cling and shape retention properties means it is ideal for moulding and also the perfect solution for “piping”.

Two more special features are its maximum colour yield and no curling/no pilling guarantee. It offers an exceptionally wide range of colours, with white, black, light cream, skin, platinum, ash, old rose, flame red, shadow, wild rose and ivory.

Sensitive® AW 2015/16 Lingerie trends

Traveling between past and future, Sensitive® Fabrics presents four themes for Autumn/Winter 2015/16, inspired by the research of Eurojersey Creative office.

The contrast between the human and the cybernetic is evoked by this theme – a meeting of cybernetic, robotic technology and the essential elements of our humanity. The result is a texture that blends cold, grey, cream and greenish shades with the skin’s nude tones and has a crisp, geometric weave, softened by the romantic touch of artisanal-effect elements.


Inspiration is drawn from the past, looking back to the art and culture of the 15th century, the era of Flemish painting, with its richly-detailed masterpieces and miniatures. Floral patterns, folds and arabesques, plays of colour with variations of pinks and shades of green contrasting with metallic sheen and virtual reproductions.


Luxuriant Bordeaux, gold, violet, bronze and purple dominate this theme. Jacquard patterns and elegant gold prints, beads, gems and lace, recalling a monumental, mystical era with textures that are reminiscent of velvet, and the heaviest, most highly-prized fabrics.


“Come back to the seventies” is the concept behind thistheme, driven by a search for materials that are more vivid than paint, lacquer and gloss, with a range of colours that emphasize the powerful contrasts of black and white, reds and blues. Animal patterns embellished with jewel prints and micro-geometric designs also feature in the Jet Set Mirror theme.